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Paraguay Cover

The Republic of Paraguay
República del Paraguay
Paraguay is a country in South America full of culture, traditions, and life.

A waterfall rushes over rocks.
 This is a truly beautiful country, especially in culture.

Fast Facts

Fast Facts

 Location: South America
   Official name: Republic of Paraguay
 Currency:Paraguayan Guaraní
 Official Languages: Spanish and Guaraní
 Major industries:cement, sugar, wood, textiles, beverages, agriculture
Climate: average of 75 degrees fahrenheit 
Terrain: grassy plains and hills full of trees
Major bodies of  water: Paraguay river 

F l a g

The flag of Paraguay is unique. It is the only flag of a country with different designs on each side. The front has “República del Paraguay” on it. The other side has a lion. The colors were inspired by the french flag.

Fortified Facts

Fortified   Facts

Asunción: The capital of paraguay. This city is full of rich history and sites to astound all. Founded in 1537,this city is not a place to take overlook!

The city is 45.2 square miles. Its the biggest city in Paraguay.

Independence day: Like most countries, Paraguay celebrates an independence day.for them it’s on March 14. This marks the end of spanish rule over Paraguay.
soldiers marching on independence day. This is their version of July 4th.

Festival de San Juan: A festival celebrated all over the country on June 24. Fire is often used in different traditions on this holiday. The largest celebrations take place in Asunción, the cities capital.
A person walks across hot coals.The brave can reliably be found doing this annually.

The Chaco: The Chaco is a large, hot area in paraguay. the area is in trouble due the forests being taken down for human use. The population here is very small, and most of it is native tribes.
Bottle trees store water in their trunks. This allows them to last long periods without rain.

Jesuit Missions: Ruins with old history.A group called the Jesuits created a chain of missions that brushed through modern day Brazil, Argentina, and (of course) Paraguay. The history of these places is fascinating and intriguing.
Ruins in Paraguay.  Just one of these ruins has a past  begging to be explored.